2013 A Year to Look forward too?

As I sit here in my living room and think about the year that was, I reflect on what might come. Will the market feel a dramatic correction that some sceptic think, will we finally get over the fear that surrounds the market and clouds the weary buyer? Will the federallies finally keep their hands off of the throats of the Canadian home buyer.

All good questions and some might argue either way. My thoughts??? Here is what I think. 2013 will be the year, the year we figure IT out, the year you get to buy your first home. It won’t be easy or fast but this time next year as we reflect on what was, and what will be it will be with a glimmer of satisfaction and glad tidings as you are safe and secure in that new HOME that we got you together. Ah who I am I kidding it will all be over in a couple of weeks! Cheers to 2013 the year that we figure IT out

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