2015 the New Market Continued

Last post, I touched on what and why houses are worth what they are, and how to navigate todays market. I would like to focus a little more today on the where. It amazes me everyday how location, location, location is so true in this market. Two similar houses on different streets can have a price difference of 100k, but buyer beware, location can be deceiving, know your area ask questions, knock on your neighbours door, they are always willing to talk about how much they love or dislike the area. Using a professional Realtor can help in these situations, and using a local one is even better, we live here and work here and care about your investment. Get out in your car and drive the location, and most importantly don’t judge a book by its cover.

The Market changes everyday and this biggest challenge is low supply of inventory. There are simply not enough good homes to sell. Do you have a good, home? Do you want to sell?

Next time I will focus on how to price your house to effectively sell quickly

Get Moving!

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