Winter SOLDstice

In A month where our days get very short and our time gets spread thin, our market generally takes a rest and slows a bit, and as our winter begins we usually see the chill off winter cool off the hot sales, however this year the winter solstices has been a winter SOLDstice pushing record numbers and increasing dramatically over the previous years. As shown by the numbers we sold an additional 700 properties this month than the last year at the same time, that is fantastic. Its like getting an American dollar instead of a Canadian one!

2016 has started off with a blizzard of sales as well, with a continued shortage of listing in the market. Buyer are struggling to find the right house for the dollar and sellers are, clamoring to get there homes listed so they can take advantage of the strongest market we have had in recent years. Will you get the most for your home? Will you find the right house for your dollar?

You will if WE work together.

Let get moving

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