May Day, May Day

Well May is here and the sun is out, the market is Springing along! I have noticed as I am sure you have to, the prices are all over the map. Does anyone truly know the value of their home anymore? What can you do to protect your investment and not leave money on the table?

1. Talk to a Realtor, in fact talk to three!
Why? As much as we all are experts we sometimes get things wrong, we have different opinions, and have different strategies to market your        home.

2. Timing is everything.
Should you list on or near the weekend? Should you have an open house, and an offer day?

3. Knowledge is power!
Educate yourself on the process, don’t assume, and hold others accountable for their promises and actions.

4. Renovate? Refresh? Stage?
Talking to experts will help determine if it is “valuable” to renovate or refresh, or if just a simple clean will do, but what ever you do, staging your home to look its best in any condition is a must

5. For you best chance at the most from your investment, Call Me! (shameless self promotion)

Look what ever you chose to do and whom ever you chose to have represent you, be smart. There is a great deal of opportunity out there right now, and with it comes greed and greedy people. Protect yourself!

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