Jump-in June

Is anybody asking where did this year go? I know I am. It feels like we were just saying Happy New Year! It never ceases to amaze me how relative time is. When you need more of it there is never enough, and when your bored it moves at a snails pace.

With that out of my system…. June has arrived and the month of May was record setting, does this mean all the deals are gone and if you as a buyer didn’t Jump-in you missed the time to buy? I don’t think so!!! That’s why I am calling June, Jump-in June.

Jump-in to the market, but first Jump-in my office to get that plan together!

Talk to your Mortgage Broker(know what you can afford)

Adjust your Value perception( what was $300, 000 is now $350, 000)

Make it a priority( houses sell fast don’t hesitate)

Talk to an Agent( I know a great one…lol)

And get your feet wet, C’mon Jump-in


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