Market Now, Market Wow Follow Up

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I wanted to first of say thanks for filling in the poll questions, I am glad to see there are so many people that believe the sky is not falling. The Poll results tell me, what I thought was coming, a more reliable “normal market.” With this market comes exciting times, all of those buyers out there who have been struggling, to win their new house, have a chance to compete realistically, and may be less afraid to spend their hard earned money. For the Sellers thinking they missed the cash cow, I think the normal market will prove that you can still earn a great return on your investment. Smartly pricing properties is key, along with good marketing, and a hard working agent. (shameless plug “this guy”)

So as we continue to progress toward the fall and winter, don’t forget to ask questions, do you research, and remember to listen to your Realtor! Yes it our business to get your home bought or sold, but ITS OUR BUSISNESS TO get your home bought or sold! 😉

Check out the link below for poll results from the last blog post.



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