Free Market Evaluation

Hello World,

I awoke this morning with a strange thought that wouldn’t get out of my mind, why not offer a free market evaluation to people who value my opinion. Hmm I thought about that over and over, and something rang out in my mind, Why would someone who VALUED my opinion think it would be free, is that not the exact opposite? Now don’t get me wrong I like most other Real Estate agents, will come over and talk to you about listing your home and potential market value(what the average consumer might pay), anytime you need but why would someone offer something that important for free? Is that what its worth, nothing?

I believe you get what you pay for, and giving you an update on todays market conditions is something I enjoy and could talk you ear off about. In my opinion a market evaluation is never free, it may not cost you anything but years of experience are priceless!

Have a Happy American Thanks Giving weekend, and don’t forget to contact me for any real estate needs, anywhere in the lower mainland and Fraser valley.

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