November to remember??

Well can you believe it is December already, and Christmas is just weeks away. This time of year is always a bit of a challenge for home buyers/sellers, as people hunker in for the holidays. I find that the first couple of weeks of December and the last week of November are particularly slow, as buyers and sellers likely realize they would be finishing the transaction right at or around Christmas. With that being said lets take a look back at Novembers sales for the Chilliwack area.

As you can see by these numbers the market is still moving along, year over year, so no need to panic. There is however a need to be smart. Do you need to sell right now? or are you just testing the market? Are you looking to Buy, and are flexible? Most sellers right now are serious about moving which may provide an opportunity to get the right price.

I have noticed a particular opportunity in the market place today though, rentals. The vacancy rate appears to be so low, that smart minded investors have a chance to buy a home and have someone else pay the mortgage off, at the same time as helping a family out with a place to live.
What ever the situation you need the right person in your corner. (shameless self plug here) contact me for a chat about your personal Real Estate needs


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