Housing Q&A

As a Realtor people will often ask me questions about Real Estate…. well duh!!! I mean you get the obvious how’s the market, what’s my house worth, that sort of thing, but I wanted to give a little more thought to the questions I get asked by clients that relate deeper to a transaction, sell or buying.


The type of question often correlates to the type of buyer, and especially level of experience, for example a first time buyer is more likely to ask a question about the whole process and less about specific items, where as an experienced home buyer generally focuses on a particular detail more than the process. Interestingly, however, I have found that just because you are an experienced home buyer doesn’t mean you know, and or understand the process.

For example a first time Buyer may ask how do I make an offer, where as an experienced Buyer ask about particular subjects, or conditions of the offer.

As a Buyers’ agent one question I love to hear is can you recommend…. often it is followed by a mortgage broker, or plumber or something along this line. I love this question as it leads to the knowledge that the client trusts you. This is a huge compliment in our relationships, as trust is the hardest thing to earn and the easiest to lose. DON’T BE A LOSER!

The best way to learn to buy Real Estate is to do so. I’d love to be your Guy, and help you Buy! (shameless self promotion)


Sellers often ask more questions than Buyers, especially about the process since it is different from when they bought. The answer almost always changes as no two people are the same in any Real Estate relationship. The market dictates many answers and the people dictate the motivation.

A few obvious questions come to mind here like what will I get for my house, how much are you going to take from me….er I mean what do you charge for commission? All good questions,  that have different answers every time. The questions I love to hear are about the process, when to do showings start, how will offers be presented, how long will it take to sell my house. I love these type of questions because it points to the agents understanding of the market, something that is very difficult today.

My process is simple, and while I am not the busiest agent, (you could change that)
Hypnotizing Dog photo 724.gif

I like to prepare the Sellers and have the home ready at least a week before the listing date. We get pictures done, staging if needed, any repairs or little details that a Buyer will pick out, marketing materials printed,  and time to make sure the listing is accurate. This gives the chance for maximum exposure. The more eyes that see the home as a potential option the better.

One other thing you should question is… Is my agent the right one for me. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends who they like, who they used, and interview more than one, I know I don’t like everyone, and not everyone likes me. Not all people mesh perfectly and you should work with someone you feel comfortable with and trust.

As a Professional Realtor it is also my job to ask you questions, the more we understand the client and their specific needs and motivation the better we can build the Real Estate relationship!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed, and if you’d like to talk more about Real Estate I’m here to be you Guy! Don’t forget to follow me.


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