Shameless Plug

It’s often hardest to write about oneself, harder still to try and beat your chest loud, and proud. I looked for inspiration to promote my business, and thought where better to start from than within. So here I go.

I got into Real Estate almost 10 years ago, not because I wanted to be rich, not because I thought I was special, but because I had some unfortunate dealings with some less than reputable people, and wanted to help friends and family from having similar experiences.  Its strange how some great things, sometimes come from struggle. To be honest Real Estate hasn’t been anything quite like I’d expected,

and as I look back I may have done  a few things differently, however one thing I’ve always tried to maintain is, I can look myself in the mirror and know I’ve done my best for my clients, and done what I thought was right. Trying to maintain a level of professionalism, and ethics, doing due diligence and sometimes saying things that aren’t popular. This job is the greatest opportunity I could ever imagine, meeting fantastic people, and clients who I consider friends, colleagues who lead, inspire, coach and correct me, relationships I wouldn’t change if you paid me.

I continue to push forward and strive to be better, listening and learning from those around me, studying and adapting to the ever changing almost life like market, so I can better help my new clients, and existing ones as well. I won’t lie being paid to do something you love is a gift, and a privilege. I am different, a bit odd at times I will admit, and still trying to find my niche, and make my mark.

So if you or someone you know is looking for a Realtor, or is considering buying, selling, both, or just wants to talk Real Estate, you know where to find me….

But in case you don’t check out my website

Email @

or call  604-793-5757

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