How I see 2020

I spent some time reflecting on 2019, and how I could make it better this year. Make smarter decisions, both personally and professionally. I wanted to share some of my insights with you, so here goes!

Create measurable goals.

  • I will sell more houses this year(not effective)
  • I will sell 20 houses this year( effectively measurable)

Have a plan.

  • To do lists help to keep you organized and accountable
  • Goals are much more realistic if you plan how to achieve them

Create good habits

  • Most habits take at least 21 days to become automatic(habitual), and can be broken much quicker.
  • Don’t beat yourself up over failure, we learn some of our biggest lessons from failure.

Have fun

  • Finding a work life balance is a major priority this year and every year

Educate yourself

  • Read more, watch less
  • Study your field, invest in yourself


I look forward to an amazing year and can’t wait to help as many people as I can, including myself!

my vision is 2020!

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