March to your own beat

I often look at my competition and myself and think what do they do that I do better, what do I do that I could do better, and what do they do that I don’t do enough. Do you do this to? I think its important to be yourself, and be able to look yourself […]

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Febrrrruary Stats

Well March is here and hopefully we all got out of February unscathed. It’s that time again, time for my monthly stat shot. Drum roll please, drrrrrrrrrrrrr and the winner is. Lala land, whoops that’s not the right one, Apartments you are the winner of the best picture, you have earned the right to stand […]

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January By The Numbers

So one month done of 2017, how are you feeling? is it better than 2016? this edition of January saw a myriad of interesting events, from the beginning of the end of the world, whoops I meant the inauguration of President Trump, to the frosty winter we’ve had. I wonder if there is a connection? […]

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Chilly Wack December Stats

As I sit here in my colder than usual office shivering away. I look outside and wonder in the awe of the frozen tundra. With such a cold snowy wintery month it is good to see that our numbers did not cool off year over year. Here’s a look at single family median sales price […]

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