March to your own beat

I often look at my competition and myself and think what do they do that I do better, what do I do that I could do better, and what do they do that I don’t do enough. Do you do this to? I think its important to be yourself, and be able to look yourself […]

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Febrrrruary Stats

Well March is here and hopefully we all got out of February unscathed. It’s that time again, time for my monthly stat shot. Drum roll please, drrrrrrrrrrrrr and the winner is. Lala land, whoops that’s not the right one, Apartments you are the winner of the best picture, you have earned the right to stand […]

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Picture This

In the past I have made mention to the importance of hiring the right Realtor for the job, this couldn’t be more true. Everyone has different skill sets and personalities, and some mesh with others and some don’t, but there are a few things that personalities don’t matter for. For example Pictures. Now I know […]

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June stats at a glance

Amazing is about the only word that comes to mind as I look over June’s stats year over year. From the increase of a single family house in Chilliwack by 17% to an increase in unit sales by 45%, those numbers are staggering! While I am sure most people can’t believe those numbers will continue […]

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