Market Study Part Deux

So last week, we looked at the market and found out its as hot as ever. I  focused on the Chilliwack proper area, and how it related to the whole area, this week will look at the Sardis side, specifically the flats. As always check out my contact page to get a hold of me if you […]

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Education of professionals

I wanted to talk about education. It’s role and its function. I was at a class on resolving conflicts this week and while the class was useful and informative, I noticed something later that day. I had a skip to my step a sort of bounce, I felt inspired. Strange I thought to myself, certain […]

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2013 A Year to Look forward too?

As I sit here in my living room and think about the year that was, I reflect on what might come. Will the market feel a dramatic correction that some sceptic think, will we finally get over the fear that surrounds the market and clouds the weary buyer? Will the federallies finally keep their hands […]

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