April Showers Bring May Buyers

Better late than never, it is that time again. Stats, Stats, Stats. How was your April this Year? How was it last year? Well if it was in the same house, it was pretty good. You just made 90 thousand dollars! That’s right “baby” single family homes rose on average sale price by 90 thousand […]

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Housing Q&A

As a Realtor people will often ask me questions about Real Estate…. well duh!!! I mean you get the obvious how’s the market, what’s my house worth, that sort of thing, but I wanted to give a little more thought to the questions I get asked by clients that relate deeper to a transaction, sell […]

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March to your own beat

I often look at my competition and myself and think what do they do that I do better, what do I do that I could do better, and what do they do that I don’t do enough. Do you do this to? I think its important to be yourself, and be able to look yourself […]

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