March to your own beat

I often look at my competition and myself and think what do they do that I do better, what do I do that I could do better, and what do they do that I don’t do enough. Do you do this to? I think its important to be yourself, and be able to look yourself […]

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Free Market Evaluation

Hello World, I awoke this morning with a strange thought that wouldn’t get out of my mind, why not offer a free market evaluation to people who value my opinion. Hmm I thought about that over and over, and something rang out in my mind, Why would someone who VALUED my opinion think it would […]

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  The weather has changed, and the nights have grown longer, a chill has filled them. The Morning Fog wafts through fields, like a ghost in the attic. The laughter and joy ring out as the children descend upon the streets to get their fill of sweets. As our seasons shift and the days grow […]

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Picture This

In the past I have made mention to the importance of hiring the right Realtor for the job, this couldn’t be more true. Everyone has different skill sets and personalities, and some mesh with others and some don’t, but there are a few things that personalities don’t matter for. For example Pictures. Now I know […]

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